Beautiful Betty

Beautiful Betty

Ready to come and enjoy the delights that best family-friendly beach in England (according to Country Life) has to offer? Our beach hut, lovingly referred to as Beautiful Betty, is the perfect base from which to explore West Wittering and the surrounding area.

Beautiful Betty is available as a complimentary benefit to guests staying at The Sussex Pub Group of hotels and restaurants. All we ask is that guests pay a refundable deposit and cleaning fee (non-refundable).

There are no cooking facilities in the beach hut but there are catering offers on-site, which you can view on West Wittering Estate’s interactive map. Disposable BBQs are not allowed anywhere on the Estate.

Picnics and beach towels are likely available from your accommodation provider (such as Sussex Pub Group) or from local shops. Please contact your accommodation provider for further information.

Pets are allowed on any part of the beach from October to April. Outside of these times dogs are limited to selected areas only on either side of the beach huts. If you intend to take a pet to the beach hut, we can provide a clean soft bed at a small additional charge.

Read more about West Wittering beach and the area.

Pre-booked parking at West Wittering beach is advised.